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Risk of Probation Violation in Virginia

Being accused of violating probation can be a frightening situation for many people. There is often a much greater risk of going to jail than there was at the original trial or sentencing hearing. Also there is a possibility that could a court may impose a much longer jail sentence than was originally imposed.These factors may have already caused you or your loved one to be arrested on a bench warrant.

Experienced and Caring Representation

You need an attorney that will listen carefully, provide personal attention to your case, and understands the consequences are serious. After we discuss your circumstances, we will develop a strategy to attempt to minimize your risks and to try to present the most effective arguments to the court to give you a “second” second chance. These strategies could including filing a motion to set or reduce bond, communicating with your probation officers, counselors, family members, and employers.



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Our firm has many years experience arguing probation violation cases before judges of General District Courts, the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Courts, and Circuit Courts. If you are accused of violating your conditions of probation, call our firm immediately for a free initial consultation at 703-218-8416 or toll free 866-591-6682.