Dealing with a DUI Checkpoint in Virginia

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Even if you haven’t been drinking, seeing a DUI checkpoint ahead can make you apprehensive and nervous. Agencies are required to announce the location of DUI checkpoints.  You should look in local newspapers and government websites for announcements. Checkpoints are often located on major roadways connecting entertainment areas or on the way out of town.  They are often scheduled for weekends or [...]

9 Ways to Have a Safer Thanksgiving

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As Thanksgiving gets closer we can plan ahead for what can be a hectic time in our home.  Although we love our family and guests things can get our of hand quickly. It is easy to get distracted when cooking, so before the cooking begins, be sure to take precautions. State Fire Marshal James Greeson [...]

Lowered Limit Being Pushed for by NTSB

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Tuesday, the National Transportation Safety Board recommended that all 50 US States lower the legal limit of alcohol in the blood to .05 from .08. The NTSB says that in the last 30 years over 440,000 people have died from alcohol related traffic accidents; drunk driving accounts for more than 1/3rd of all road deaths [...]

SCOTUS Rules Cops Must Obtain Warrant Before Blood Test

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Recently, the US Supreme Court ruled that police officers must get a warrant before they subject a suspected drunk driver to a blood test. Their decision came as an 8-to-1 win; Justice Clarence Thomas was the only neigh in the bunch. This comes as a big win for drivers such as Missourian Tyler McNeely, who [...]

Milwaukee Brewers P Has Too Many Brews, Gets Tapped for DUI

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Yovani Gallardo, a pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers, was arrested and charged with drunken driving on Tuesday. Around 2 a.m. Deputies responded to a concerned motorists call that a lone driver was swerving and driving way under the speed limit near Miller Park.  He was clocked doing 40mph in a 55mph zone and preliminary breath [...]

Commuters Text More Than Teens

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A new study shows that adult commuters text and email more than teenagers do when behind the wheel of a car. 1,200 teenagers were polled by AT&t on their texting habits and 43% admitted to texting behind the wheel. An unspecified number of adults were polled and 49% of them, all commuters, admitted to texting. [...]