Milwaukee Brewers P Has Too Many Brews, Gets Tapped for DUI

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Yovani Gallardo, a pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers, was arrested and charged with drunken driving on Tuesday. Around 2 a.m. Deputies responded to a concerned motorists call that a lone driver was swerving and driving way under the speed limit near Miller Park.  He was clocked doing 40mph in a 55mph zone and preliminary breath [...]

Suspected Drunken Driver Kills Two, Injures Two in Seattle

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Mark Mullan, 50, ran into a retired couple, their daughter-in-law and her infant son as they were crossing the street in a residential area in Seattle on Monday. Victims Dennis and Judith Schulte were retired high school teachers in their late sixties. Karina Schulte is originally from Chile, and her son is the Schulte's first [...]

Cowboys Josh Brent Driving No Less Than 110mph Night of Fatal Crash; Pistorius Released on Bond

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Josh Brent May Have Driven as Fast as 134MPH After a night of drinking in December 2012, Dallas Cowboys nose tackle Josh Brent was careening down the highway in his 2007 Mercedes s60 when hit a curb, lost control of the car and flipped. This ultimately killed his passenger, teammate Jerry Brown.  New evidence shows that Brent was driving at [...]

Drunk Driving in Ireland?! Smoking in Your Own Car, Illegal?! Plus More!

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Rural County in Ireland Pushes to Allow Drunk Driving Councillor Danny Healy-Rae brought forth a motion in January 2013 to allow citizens of Kerry County to drive home after consumption of a couple or a few alcoholic beverages. He argues that the roads in this very rural area of Ireland cannot be taken more than [...]

Supreme Court to Hear Warrantless Blood Draw in DUI Case

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Yesterday, January 9th, 2013, SCOTUS heard arguments from both sides in regards to the warrantless blood draws used at trial after drunk driving or drugged driving arrests. In most states, the suspected drunken driver is required to take a breath alcohol test or a blood alcohol test.  In Virginia, the arrested driver must take whatever test the [...]

Avoid DUI in Fairfax County, Call Sober Ride

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If you're planning on leaving the house to partake in New Year's celebrations, make sure you have a sober ride. The Washington Regional Alcohol Program is once again offering cab rides home. The passenger is responsible for any difference over $30 in fare and must be 21 years of age. Since the program was first [...]

Idaho Senator Mike Crapo arrested for DUI in Virginia

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Mike Crapo, the Idaho senator, was arrested for DUI early Sunday morning in the City of Alexandia, Virginia.  Police said the senator’s blood-alcohol level was .110. In Virginia, drivers at a blood-alcohol level.08 or higher are considered intoxicated.  There is no difference in punishment between DUI and DWI in Virginia, which is Virginia [...]

NTSB Recommends All States Require Ignition Interlock for DUI Offenders

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Recently, in July 2012, the Commonwealth of Virginia made it mandatory that all those convicted of a DUI, even first time offenders, have an ignition interlock installed in their cars. An ignition interlock device has to be blown into before the car ignition will switch on. If the driver’s blood alcohol concentration is more than [...]

Virginia Traffic Laws Help Reduce Highway Deaths

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In 2007, Virginia traffic-related deaths exceeded 1000 fatalities for the first time in nearly two decades. Virginia officials took notice and aggressively developed policies that would hopefully keep highway deaths under 800 per year, as they had between 1990 and 2007. The Virginia Department of Highway Safety credits stricter licensing procedures for young drivers, anti-DUI [...]