Butt Slasher from Fairfax County arrested in Peru

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Fairfax County, Virginia "butt slasher" arrested and to be prosecuted for malicious wounding.   The man suspected of attacking women by slashing their buttocks in the Fairfax County last year has been arrested in Lima, Peru. Fairfax County police issued a news release that the accused "butt slasher", Johnny D. Guillen Pimentel, was [...]

NTSB Recommends All States Require Ignition Interlock for DUI Offenders

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Recently, in July 2012, the Commonwealth of Virginia made it mandatory that all those convicted of a DUI, even first time offenders, have an ignition interlock installed in their cars. An ignition interlock device has to be blown into before the car ignition will switch on. If the driver’s blood alcohol concentration is more than [...]