Virginia Traffic Laws Help Reduce Highway Deaths

In 2007, Virginia traffic-related deaths exceeded 1000 fatalities for the first time in nearly two decades. Virginia officials took notice and aggressively developed policies that would hopefully keep highway deaths under 800 per year, as they had between 1990 and 2007.

The Virginia Department of Highway Safety credits stricter licensing procedures for young drivers, anti-DUI laws, Virginia DUI checkpoints and driver education campaigns for lowering fatalities during the past 6 years. Officials say more drivers are wearing seatbelts, an effect of the click-it-or-ticket campaign. In the 1990s and 2000s about 70% of Virginian’s buckled up.   After “click it or ticket”, 82% of Virginia drivers use a seatbelt.  The Virginia Department of Highway Safety claims that through October 2012, 608 traffic-related fatalities have been recorded, and 242 of those drivers had not been wearing seatbelts. Although the traffic-related deaths have fallen, the average number of miles driven by Virginians has stayed generally the same.

With continued law enforcement campaigns, better driver education and stricter laws and regulations on younger drivers, Virginia’s traffic-related fatalities decline year after year. Combined with safer cars and improved roads, the number should steadily decline.

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