Fatal accident in Virginia allegedly caused by Reckless Driving

The driver of last Thursday’s fatal crash in Winchester, Virginia, has been charged with Reckless Driving and could be facing additional charges.

The driver, Leslie Wylie, 30, of Knoxville, TN, was driving a 2004 Ford pickup truck when she crossed over the median strip and struck a 2008 Nissan minivan.

Witnesses told police that Wylie accelerated at a high speed when she crossed the median. Evidence also indicated that Wylie’s vehicle was not stopped for a traffic light or at an intersection.

Sgt. Frank Myrtle of Winchester said that police obtained a search warrant in order to check for alcohol or any drugs in Wylie’s system and also to search her truck. Myrtle said that Wylie did have Botox treatments prior to the crash but did not specify if that had anything to do with the crash.

Amber N. Lucchiani, 38, was the driver of the minivan and was unfortunately killed during the crash. Two children that were in her minivan were transported to Winchester Medical Center where they both were treated and luckily survived.

Lucchiani was a sixth-grade social studies teacher at Robert E. Aylor Middle School for the Fredrick County Public School system.  She had been teaching there for eight years and the principle, David Rudy, described her as:

“a very outstanding teacher, very well respected. She had a very good rapport with the students and was very gifted at engaging the students in learning.”

The investigation is still ongoing and Wylie could be facing additional charges.

Her court date for her Reckless Driving charge has been set for August 27th, 2012.


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