Narcy Novack found guilty of husband’s and mother-in-law’s killings

Narcy Novack of Fort Lauderdale,as well as her brother Cristobal Veliz of New York City were both found guilty of charges including domestic violence, stalking, witness tampering and money laundering.

Both were charged of racketeering, but the charges were acquitted. The charge would have carried a mandatory life sentence. They still could face life in prison when they are sentenced early November.

Novack and Veliz both orchestrated the beatings and killings of Novack’s husband, Ben Novack Jr. and mother in law in order for Novak to inherit her husband’s multimillion dollar family estate.

The prosecutors said Veliz and Novack both were motivated by “jealousy, retribution, and greed” when they hired hit-men to carry out the killings.

The defense tried to blame Novack’s daughter, whose sons will now inherit Ben Novack’s estate.

The multimillion-dollar family estate was passed down from Ben Novack Jr.’s father who had built the Fontainbleau hotel in Miami Beach, where celebrities would hang out in the 1950’s and 60’s. The hotel also appeared in movies such as “Goldfinger” and “Scarface.”

The hit-men that Veliz and Novack hired did testify and explained that Veliz was the one who hired them and that they were given specific instructions on how Ben Novack Jr. and his mother would be beaten and killed.

During their testimony, they told jurors how they were instructed to slash Novack Jr.’s eyes with a utility knife, as well as bash 86-year-old Bernice Novack in the teeth with a plumber’s wrench.

There were other witnesses such as Ben Novack’s mistress who told jurors that his wife tried to buy her off and said, “If she couldn’t have him, no other woman was going to have him.”

Photographs of the crime scene were also presented in court.

Defense attorneys brought up May Abad who was the daughter of Mrs. Novack and claimed she was framing her mother in order for her son’s to inherit the family estate. Abad denied any involvement and she faces no charges.

Both Novack and Veliz are still waiting for their sentence that will be given November 1st, 2012.



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