14-year-old charged with half-sister’s murder

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Last Thursday evening, 9-year-old Katelynn Arnold was found dead outside her foster family's home in Ragland, Alabama. Katelynn’s foster mother said that she found Katelynn attached to a rope that was hanging from a tree outside their home. Katelynn was pronounced dead at St. Clair Regional Hospital. The cause of death was declared as ligature [...]

Dentist Pulls Out All Of Ex-Boyfriend’s Teeth

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First of all, if you break up after dating your Dentist, rule number one is that you FIND A NEW DENTIST. Forgetting this cardinal rule had extreme consequences for Marek Olszewski who woke up from a dental procedure performed by his ex-girlfriend to find himself entirely toothless. Olszewski, 45, reportedly came to his ex-girldfriend's dental office [...]