Things Not to Do: Attempt to Sell Drugs to Your Former Probation Officer

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Cedrick Barnes of Florence, South Carolina was apparently trying to offload some marijuana. Observing international drug dealer best practices, Barnes began calling everyone listed in his cell phone's directory and - success- he found a buyer. Unfortunately for Barnes, the potential buyer was actually his former probation officer. The officer set up a meet in [...]

Flawed F.B.I Forensic Work May Have Led to Conviction of Innocent People

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Hundreds of defendants across the country may be entitled to retrial or retesting of evidence if not outright exoneration based on years of sloppy forensic work performed by F.B.I. crime labs. Prosecutors have known about the issues for years but failed to inform defendants even after the Justice Department began investigating the questionable lab work. [...]

Incredible! Seventh-Grader Stops Run-Away Bus After Driver Has a Heart Attack.

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And the whole thing is on video... Watch as Surprise Lake Middle School seventh-grader, Jeremy Wuitschick thinks and acts more quickly than you or I probably would in the same situation to stop his run-away bus.  Fellow seventh-grader, Johnny Wood then stepped into perform CPR on the bus driver. A school official happened to be following the [...]

Texas Man Throws Dogs Into Fire Pit

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Larry Lowery, 28, of Wood County, Texas was arrested for throwing two dogs in a fire pit. According to the police officers four people were drinking alcohol around the fire pit while watching the dogs burn. Lowery admitted to grabbing a stray dog that previously bit him a couple weeks prior and swinging him towards [...]

Falsely Imprisoned Virginia Man Will Receive $1 Million in Restitution After 27 Years in Prison

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Thomas Haynesworth was wrongfully convicted of a sexual assault in 1984 in Henrico County, Virginia. Entering prison at 18, Haynesworth spent the next 27 years behind bars. In 2009 Haynesworth's convictions on the sexual assault charges were vacated based on new DNA testing spurred by the Innocence Project, which identified another man, Leon Davis (a [...]