Redskin’s Safety, Brandon Meriweather Faces DUI Charge

Brandon Meriweather

Brandon Meriweather

Washington Redskin’s Safety, Brandon Meriweather was arrested late last week and charged with DUI in Arlington County, Virginia. He refused a breathalyzer test at the scene and subsequently failed a sobriety test.

The 28 year-old Meriweather was pulled over around 3AM on Thursday April 26th. The arresting officer said that he could smell alcohol on Meriweather’s breath. Meriweather reportedly told the officer that he was headed home from a club but could not remember the name.

After failing a field sobriety test, Meriweather was arrested and taken to the Arlington County detention center, where he spent the remainder of the night. He was released later in the day on Thursday.

Meriweather only recently became a Redskin, singing a $6 million deal with the NFL team in March of 2012. Meriweather began his pro football career with the new England Patriots, by whom he was picked up as a first round draft pick in 2007.

He was cut by New England in 2011 and had a brief flirtation with the Chicago Bears, playing eleven games last year, before signing with the ‘Skins just a few weeks ago.

A two-time pro bowl player, it is not yet clear how Meriweather’s DUI stop will effect his standing with the Redskins.

In 2011, Meriweather was connected with a shooting in Apopka, Florida in which two men were injured. According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, Meriweather was present at the scene of the shooting and he was later cleared of any involvement.

Given that he was not charged in the 2011 incident, the DUI should be a first offense against the NFL’s personal conduct policy.

As for how he will fare in Virginia courts, that remains to be seen.  Celebrity can be a curse or a blessing. Hopefully Meriweather will use some of his $6 million contract with the skins to hire counsel experienced with Virginia’s severe DUI laws.






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