19-Year Old Virginia Woman Whose Car Crashed Into a Culpeper Home is Charged With DUI

It was no doubt an astonishing scene back in February when emergency crews arrived at Northridge Apartments and found a Ford Focus lodged in the exterior wall of one of the low slung buildings at the retirement community.  The vehicle, driven by 19-year old Kendra Miller, was practically parked in the living room.

Police speculate that Miller was attempting a left turn when she lost control of her car and hit an embankment before colliding with the end unit apartment building.

Miller was airlifted to a local hospital and released after the crash but was subsequently charged with DUI on April 13.  She is expected in court later this month to answer the DUI charge as well as for allegedly purchasing and possessing alcohol underage.

Miller is very lucky that neither she nor anyone else was injured in the crash, although the elderly resident of the now-condemned apartment was displaced from her home and forced to move in with family members.

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