Terrible… Montgomery County Maryland Police Officer Commits Suicide After Being Pulled Over for DUI

Jed Bylsma, a Montgomery County police officer since February 2003, apparently committed suicide after being pulled over in Queen Anne for speeding and suspicion of DUI. Byslma was pulled over on Route 50 and identified himself to the Maryland State Trooper as an off duty Montgomery County police officer.

In the course of the traffic stop, the trooper returned to his vehicle to call for back-up. Bylsma sped off before the officer could return. He made it about nike miles further before police were able to lay down spikes and blow out his tires.

State troopers approached the vehicle, ordering Bylsma to exit the car. He was unresponsive. Upon reaching the vehicle, the authorities discovered that Bylsma had suffered an apparently self-inflicted gunshot to the head. A handgun was found in Bylsma’s vehicle. Bylsma was 30 years old.

According to Montgomery County Police, Bylsma had been on administrative learn for the last year due to a personnel issue. No other details were provided.

Court records do show a Civil Rights suit filed in February 2009 against a Jed Bylsma, Jonathan Raimondi and Montgomery County, Maryland in Maryland District Court. The case appears to be pending.  It is unknown whether this case has any relevance to Mr. Bylsma’s sad end.



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