Virginia Minister Hospitalized After Crash into Krispy Kreme Picked Up Again for DUI

Jay Bertrand had a bad morning that found him in the hospital and his SUV smushed into the front of a Richmond, Virginia Krispy Kreme donut shot. Family members told the media that a seizure resulting from a bad back led to the wreck. That didn’t stop him from picking up a reckless driving charge relating to the accident.

Two patrons were hospitalized, along with Bertrand as a result of the accident.

After refusing treatment at the hospital, Bertrand was back on the street in his wife’s car when he rear-ended another vehicle. This second accident in one day brought with it a DUI charge from police, who suspected that Bertrand was under the influence if an unidentified substance at the time of the crash.

At the time of the accident, Bertrand told police he did not remember what had happened and that he had taken some medication. Family, friends and church members have rallied around the pastor and we certainly hope he’s able to sort out his unfortunate circumstances.

One thing is for sure, DUI and Reckless Driving – no matter the circumstances- are treated very seriously in the state of Virginia and Paster Bertrand should, in all likelihood seek the assistance of an experienced attorney when deciding how to address these charges.

Should you find yourself in similar circumstances in Fairfax, Loudoun or Prince William Counties I hope you’ll consider contacting our law firm. I have help thousands of Virginians protect their driving privileges and move on with their lives. If Mr. Bertrand’s story illustrates anything, it’s that bad things can happen to good people.

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