Texas Man Throws Dogs Into Fire Pit

Larry Lowery, 28, of Wood County, Texas was arrested for throwing two dogs in a fire pit.

According to the police officers four people were drinking alcohol around the fire pit while watching the dogs burn.

Lowery admitted to grabbing a stray dog that previously bit him a couple weeks prior and swinging him towards the fire and accidentally stumbles which caused him to toss the dog into the fire.

Neighbor Faye Norris confronted Lowery and those at the fire pit after her granddaughter told her what had happened.

“I seen my granddaughter, she’s five years old and I saw her crying and I said, Rylee what’s wrong baby? and she said, Grand Mammy, that man threw a dog into that fire,” said Norris.

Norris said he Lowery wrapped his arms around her and said he was sorry but seemed apathetic.

“It was a joke to him. He had been drinking and he thought it was funny,” said Norris.

After the confrontation, Lowery threw a second dog into the fire and according to Norris was bragging about it.

“It takes a mentally disturbed individual, my opinion, to do something that cruel,” said Norris.

Authorities said that one of the dogs that was thrown in was able to get out and run off, but hasn’t been seen since. Unfortunately the other dog died.

Lowery was charged with cruelty to animals, a felony, and was released on Tuesday on a $5,000 bond. The case has been forwarded to the Wood County District Attorney’s Office for prosecution.

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