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Gordon Law Firm Launches New Loudon County Reckless Driving Resource

March 28, 2012

We’re happy to announce a new Gordon Law Firm resource focused on our Loudoun County, Virginia practice. The new site, will provide more localized resources for dealing with traffic-related offenses in and around Loudoun County communities. You’ll notice many features on the new site that mirror the resources here at and we’ve much more planned over the… Read More »

Guilty Plea in Woodbridge, Virginia Chick-fil-a Shooting

March 27, 2012

In February 2011 Daniel Everette followed, shot and killed his estranged wife, Alice Jenkins, as she sat waiting at the drive-through of a Woodbridge Chick-fil-a restaurant. The couple had been separated and was in the process of getting a divorce. The shocking incident was captured on the restaurant’s surveillance camera and a witness at the… Read More »

Trayvon Martin Story Makes its Way to Washington, DC, Victims Family to Appear on Capitol Hill

March 27, 2012

Members of slain teenager, Trayvon Martin’s family are appearing in Washington, DC today.  Meetings are planned with lawmakers and activists. The congressional visit was organized by Representative Sheila Martin of Texas. It is unclear whether members of Martin’s family will speak, although multiple presentations are planned for the briefing. The Department of Justice has announced… Read More »

Virginia Student Rally Highlights Area Connections to the Trayvon Martin Killing

March 27, 2012

“No justice — No peace. No justice –No peace,” the crowd chanted. Nearly 200 students, faculty and alumni gathered together at Virginia State University to mourn the death of Florida teenager, Trayvon Martin. In what has become an explosive national news story, Martin was shot by a stranger while he was walking back from a convenience… Read More »

Virginia Governor Restoring Felons’ Rights at a Faster Rate than Predecessors, Some Say Not Fast Enough

March 26, 2012

In 2011 Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell restored rights to more than 1,350 felons according to recently released state documents. Given a similar rate in 2010, McDonnell is on pace, by the end of his term in office (Virginia’s constitution holds Governors to a single term) to restore right to more state felons than any of… Read More »

Navy Man Acquitted in DUI and Manslaughter Trial May Still Face Military Court Martial

March 26, 2012

U.S. Navy Petty Officer, Richard Freeman has been acquitted on DUI and aggravated involuntary manslaughter charges relating to a July 2009 motor vehicle crash that killed two passengers. Freeman was driving a BMW that crashed into a tree. Freeman was carrying four passengers at the time. Fellow sailor, Cameron Richardson and a nurse, Lauren Kok… Read More »

Massive Heroin Bust at Dulles International Airport

March 22, 2012

On March 14 a 52 year-old woman arrived at  Dulles International Airport in Sterling, Virginia on a flight from Nigeria and was discovered to have ingested 180 pellets of heroin totaling nearly five pounds of the illegal drug. This was the largest seizure ever for an ingested drug in Washington, DC and the second sizable… Read More »

Meth Kingpin Spends Drug Money on Another Addiction, Comic Books

March 7, 2012

Some drug kingpins buy fancy sports cars, diamond encrusted baubles or expensive homes. Crystal meth maestro, Aaron Castro of Commerce City, Colorado had a different way of flaunting his ill-gotten gains: comics books. What began as marginally clever way to launder his drug money through a comics book shop front business apparently turned into an obsession…. Read More »

Purcellville Woman Found Guilty For Children’s Tardiness

March 6, 2012

On February 29th, she was found guilty of the three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor (class 1 misdemeanors) and was ordered to pay a fine of $1,000 and $3,000 in court fees. Maureen Blake, 42, of Purcellville, was served a warrant on January 21st informing her that she must appear in… Read More »

Man Sentenced After Botched Robbery That Left Friend Dead

March 1, 2012

Samuel Thomas Eaton and two friends; Scott Walker and Anthony Miles, planned to rob a home off Kennedy Road in Sterling, Virginia. Eaton knew the layout well from previous drug deals at the home and knew where the safe was. The men entered the home armed with wielding knives and a pellet gun and forced the… Read More »

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