Update on the Sandra Hofstadler DUI Case and the Yancy Family’s Recovery

Dave Yancy, his two children and his niece are recovering after a January 19th incident in Virginia Beach in which they were hit by a drunk driver while they were walking down a driveway in their neighborhood while waiting for a school bus.

According to witnesses, Hofstedler tried and pass a school bus that was in the midst of loading children. Rounding the bus Hofstadler drove up on to the lawn of an adjacent house, hitting Dave Yancy and the three children.

Thankfully, despite some serious injuries received in the accident, all members of the family are recovering.

Yancy’s son, five-year-old David Jr. was the most recently released from the hospital. He face a difficult recovery that will require significant rehabilitation to help him learn to walk again.

Sandra Hofstedler, who has a long history of abuse problems and several previous brushes with the law, was arraigned on assault, DUI and reckless driving charges stemming from the accident.

She is currently being held without bond.



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