Massive Heroin Bust at Dulles International Airport

On March 14 a 52 year-old woman arrived at  Dulles International Airport in Sterling, Virginia on a flight from Nigeria and was discovered to have ingested 180 pellets of heroin totaling nearly five pounds of the illegal drug.

Woman Arrested With Nearly 5 Pounds Of Heroin Pellets At Washington Dulles International Airport, Says Customs Official

This was the largest seizure ever for an ingested drug in Washington, DC and the second sizable seizure of ingested heroin at the airport in the last year. The woman was taken to Alexandria Federal Court and charged with attempting to import heroin.

An incomplete immigration card caught authorities’ attention and upon a secondary screening, airport security observed that the woman’s abdomen seemed to be “unnaturally rigid.” An X-ray revealed that the woman was smuggling $150,000 worth of heroin.

Drug smuggling operations from Latin America and Africa targeting the Dulles airport are an increasing problem due to the expanded number of direct flights to the area from those regions, according to authorities.

The Washington Examiner has further details on the story, including a link to the criminal complaint.

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