Purcellville Woman Found Guilty For Children’s Tardiness

On February 29th, she was found guilty of the three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor (class 1 misdemeanors) and was ordered to pay a fine of $1,000 and $3,000 in court fees.

Maureen Blake, 42, of Purcellville, was served a warrant on January 21st informing her that she must appear in court on the charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. She faced three counts for each of her children because of their constant tardiness and absents in Lincoln Elementary School located in western Loudoun County.

Blake had previous charges for the same issue back in 2010. She pleaded no contest and was required to pay $1,859 in court fines for her four children at the time.

Blake’s 7-year old was late 11 times, her 9-year-old 9 times, and her 10-year-old 10 times between September 2010 and January 19th, 2012.

Her children have only been late twice since she was arrested.

Blake defended herself saying she had ADHD which affected driving them to school on time.

“I have outsourced the driving which is helpful as the driver is less prone to misplace things like glasses and keys and purse as I am prone to do at times,” Blake said.

 “I hired a life coach two years ago, as well as have had therapists and counselors over the years both individually and for my children to work on family issues,” she continued. “I currently have two doctors I work with to manage my own medical issues in conjunction with my life coach, medication and support of medical care and friends who are supportive in assisting are essential for me to remain organized and successful.”

Loudoun County Public Information Officer Wayde Byard, stated that the Juvenile and Domestic Relations judges have asked the school system to report excessive tardies and absences to them.

“This is not a position we want parents to be in,” Byard stated.

He said the schools speak to the parents before taking the next step which is reporting them to the judges. He made it clear that they do not issue any summons or send out the deputies to the children’s homes, and that it is all up to the court to decide what to do.

Parents are required to sign a student rights and responsibilities packet that has the school’s attendance policy. Under the policy, it states that after 15 or more consecutive absences or excessive tardies, the Virginia Administrative Code requires the student to be dropped from attendance. After that, the principle is the one who disciplines the child. The policy also states that a minimum of five unexcused absences, a guardian or parent must provide the school a note from a physician stating their reason of absence.

The much publicized Denicore family was also summoned for their three children for excessive tardiness as well. Mark Denicore, who is lawyer, said if he lost the case, he could face up to $3,000 in fines and potentially lose his license to practice.

The Denicore family will be appearing in court on March 14th. To see more information about their case, here is a link.

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