Criminal Defense Blog Archives for February, 2012

Why (and How) to Refuse Police Searches Even if You Have Nothing to Hide

February 27, 2012

Here’s a brief video put together by the nonprofit, When finding yourself in these circumstances, it is important to understand your rights. Don’t be rude but don’t dismiss your 4th Amendment rights: More here.

17 Horned Frogs Arrested For Selling Drugs

February 16, 2012

video platform video management video solutions video player 17 Texas Christian University students, including four members of the school’s football team, The Horned Frogs, have been arrested for selling drugs. The officers conducted a six-month investigation into illegal drug dealing on the school’s campus and are continuing their probe with the possibility of more arrests…. Read More »

Three Men Convicted On Cocaine Offenses

February 14, 2012

A U.S. District Court Jury in Alexandria, VA convicted Erasmo Alevarado-Ibarra, also known as Chiquilin, of consipiring to distribute 5 kilograms or more of cocaine. The 28 year-old from Woodbridge, VA is said to have been involved in a cocaine trafficking ring that smuggles drugs from Mexico to the Northern Virginia area. Along with Alevarado-Ibarra,… Read More »

Prince William County Fatal Stabbing Suspect Arrested, Charged With First Degree Murder

February 13, 2012

21 year-old Elvin Yobex Guzman Lopez has been charged with first degree murder for the fatal stabbing of 22 year-old Edwin Noe Enamorado Maute. Authorities in Manassas responded to a stabbing that occurred in the 7600 block of Somerset Lane on Sunday around 9PM. Officers found Maute in front of his home with multiple stab… Read More »

Still No Suspects For “The Potomac-River Rapist”

February 10, 2012

Police officials and the FBI are still working hard to try and find the man responsible for eight sexual assaults and one murder. He is known as “The Potomac River Rapist,” because all of the victim’s homes were next to the Potomac River, where they were attacked. The incidents occurred between May 6, 1991 and… Read More »

Virginia State Legislature Mulls New Public Safety Legislation, Increased Criminal Penalties

February 10, 2012

The Virginia House of Delegates is considering several new measures that would impose more severe sentences those convicted of crimes including DUI, assault and battery, drug trafficking and child rape. Amongst the bills under consideration by the house are: HB 49 – Penalty for DUI manslaughter.   Introduced by: David B. Albo Provides that the punishment for… Read More »

Keep Points Off Your License and Convictions Off Your Record in Virginia

February 9, 2012

Over at Mark Chalon Smith runs down how to negotiate the Virginia driver’s license “points” system to your best benefit.  One good tip: taking advantage of a “driver improvement course.” Shave Demerits off Your License Many states, including Virginia offer driver improvement clinics that can help shave “as many as five demerits” off your… Read More »

Kids Late to School? That’ll Get You a Criminal Record in Loudoun County, Virginia

February 9, 2012

Next month a trial is scheduled for two Virginia parents, Mark and Amy Denicore, who are facing misdemeanor charges because of their children’s repeated tardiness to a local elementary school. On February 6th, The Denicores were arraigned on Class 3 misdemeanor chargers at the Loudoun Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, with their case set for March… Read More »

Former NFL Linebacker Assaulted: Charges Pending

February 9, 2012 reported an update about a gang-related assault that occurred earlier this October involving a former NFL San Francisco’s 49er’s linebacker. The incident occurred October 23rd when Ed Beard (71) was riding his bicycle thru his neighborhood where he grew up. He stopped at Portluck Elementary School’s baseball field when he saw teenagers assaulting another… Read More »