9 Year Old Montana Girl Turns Mother in For Drunk Driving

A distraught young girl walked into a convenience store in Great Falls, Montana and told the cashier that her mother, Chari Littledog was extremely drunk and had been driving around town with her in the passenger seat.

The the girl described her mother colliding with another vehicle in downtown Great Falls. Fearing for her own safety, she had jumped out of the car and fled. The cashier called police and soon after Littledog was quickly arrested on for what would be her fourth DUI charge.

Police found Littledog parked near the Town Pump gas station where her daughter had sought refuge. According to police, Littledog was found sitting in the driver’s seat with the keys still in the ignition.

Littledog declined to participate in field sobriety tests but did offer that she had cons mined an 18-pack of beer earlier in the day. A subsequent breathalyzer test returned a blood alcohol level more than triple the legal limit in Montana.

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