Prince William County Fatal Stabbing Suspect Arrested, Charged With First Degree Murder

21 year-old Elvin Yobex Guzman Lopez has been charged with first degree murder for the fatal stabbing of 22 year-old Edwin Noe Enamorado Maute.

Authorities in Manassas responded to a stabbing that occurred in the 7600 block of Somerset Lane on Sunday around 9PM. Officers found Maute in front of his home with multiple stab wounds. The officers performed CPR and he was transported to a nearby hospital where he died later from his injuries.

Authorities are saying that both men were acquaintances, and when a verbal altercation between the two occurred, Lopez pulled out a knife.  Witnesses say that the victim tried to run from Lopez, but fell, and that’s when Lopez took that opportunity to jump on him and stab him repeatedly until witnesses intervened.

Officers took down a description and later found Lopez. He is now being held in Prince William County Jail without bond. His court date is set for March 26, 2012.


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