Still No Suspects For “The Potomac-River Rapist”

Police officials and the FBI are still working hard to try and find the man responsible for eight sexual assaults and one murder. He is known as “The Potomac River Rapist,” because all of the victim’s homes were next to the Potomac River, where they were attacked.

The incidents occurred between May 6, 1991 and November 14, 1997 and all but one was in Montgomery County, MD. The last attack was in Georgetown and resulted in the murder of 28 year old Christine Mirzayan when she was walking home from a cookout.

Seven of the nine attacks were linked through the collection of DNA and the two remaining attacks were linked by similar methods the rapist used. Detectives are saying that the man would enter the victim’s homes and throw a towel or blanket over their heads and overpower them physically.

The rapist is being described as a black male between the ages of 40-50, with medium build, and between 5’ 8’’ to 5’11’’.

The FBI has launched a website specifically on “The Potomac River Rapist” in order to seek any information that the public may have.

Authorities are also using digital billboards along highways with the sketch of the rapist. They used similar tactics when looking for the “East-Coast Rapist,” and they successfully caught him with the help of the site/billboards.

FBI spokeswoman, Amy Godwin, said “This is something we’ve tried, and has worked, four or five times across the country in the past year.”

“We want to be able to use everything that the public has at their fingertips,” Godwin said. “So if they’re bringing it up on their iPads, their BlackBerrys, their ­iPhones, and they can easily get not only images but video and podcasts — anything the public uses on a daily basis — we want to be in front of them.”

As of right now, there are no suspects in custody and any information can be sent to FBI or Metropolitan Police.



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