Speed Traps in Fairfax County

According to the National Motorists Association, there are speed traps all over the United States. We have compiled a list of some speed traps in Fairfax County.

  1. Along the Dulles Toll Road, you can find many county and airport police officers. They tend to hide behind the jersey barriers along the access highway and at the main toll plaza. Many of our clients that hired us for a Reckless Driving charge received it while driving on the Dulles Toll Road.
  2. Just before Burke Lake Road on Fairfax County Parkway, police sit there and pull over motorists by flagging them down. This area is dangerous because of the speed (50mph) and the quickness of having to pull over when flagged. Please be cautious.
  3. Main Street and Maple Avenue often have police monitoring that area right before Woodson High School.
  4. The parking lot entrances between Humphries Drive and Braddock Road often have police officers parked there going in the east bound direction.
  5. Exit 66 and 123 Southbound has a hill that drops down to 30mph. Many officers have pulled motorists over while going down the hill.

As a criminal defense law firm, we have had many cases of motorists being charged with Reckless Driving and other traffic offenses. Please give us a call to find out more information if you have found yourself being charged with a traffic offense.


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