Keep Points Off Your License and Convictions Off Your Record in Virginia

Over at Mark Chalon Smith runs down how to negotiate the Virginia driver’s license “points” system to your best benefit.  One good tip: taking advantage of a “driver improvement course.”

Shave Demerits off Your License

Many states, including Virginia offer driver improvement clinics that can help shave “as many as five demerits” off your license by taking a state-approved eight-hour class.  These classes provide positive or “safe points” which

You can take the class and qualify for the point reduction every two years. That’s some extra credit worth doing!

Get Better Insurance Rates

Clearing these demerits off of your driving record is a good thing and has big benefits for your insurance rates as well. Insurance companies view license points as a way to assess a potential client’s risk.

The fewer demerits – and the more safe points you’ve accrued – the better deal you’re likely to get from your carrier.

Have Charges Reduced

According to Chalon Smith, it’s not points that do the most damage to your insurance rates, it is a conviction for serious driving-related offense that sticks with your record even after your driver’s license demerits have been removed.

This is another situation in which a driver improvement course can come to the rescue.  Working with an attorney,  you can often see potentially harmful charges reduced by the court in exchange for completing a driver training class.

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