Denver Bronco, Knowshon Moreno Hit With DUI Charge, His Licence Plate Reads “SAUCED”

While he may not have gotten a lot of attention from the Denver Broncos this season, Knowshon Moreno is getting more attention than he bargained for just as the NFL season comes to an end. Moreno was pulled over on February 1st doing 70 miles per hour in a construction zone. He was given a breath test and a field sobriety test after which he was charged with DUI, careless driving and failure to have insurance. The DUI is somewhat ironic given that Moreno’s license plate  reportedly reads, “SAUCED.”

Here’s a piece of advice from an attorney who has helped thousands of clients with DUI and reckless driving charges – calling attention to yourself on the road is never a good idea. Vanity license plates and inane bumper stickers – especially ones that brag about drunk driving or insult police – unquestionably draw the eye of law enforcement.  Even seemingly harmless affectations like hanging decorations from your rear view mirror (illegal in Virginia, by the way) can become a reason for pulling you over.

No doubt Knowshon Moreno is wishing that in retrospect he’d kept a slightly lower profile out on the road. Even so, if there’s one thing we’re sure of here at the Gordon Law Firm it is that bad things sometimes happen to good people and good people sometimes make bad choices. As a proud graduate of the University of Georgia School of Law, I’ve got to root for a fellow Bulldog when he’s down. Here’s hoping Knowshon straigtens out this situation and hurdles his current legal troubles just like he did Vince Agnew back in his college days:

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