Zamboni Driver Arrested for DUI, Mid-Rink?

And I am not making this up.  Roll tape:

Here’s the best quote I’ve read on the incident, via the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

People have been arrested in Minnesota for driving under the influence on everything from a souped-up motorized recliner to a farm tractor. State law says a DWI can result from driving any kind of a motorized vehicle, pretty much anywhere — a forklift driver at work, a Bobcat driver plowing city sidewalks, a riding lawn mower in a yard.

The Minnesota Court of Appeals did, however, say in 2011 that a physically disabled man driving a motorized scooter could not be convicted of drunken driving. The law makes an exception for “an electric personal assistive mobility device” and the court said the scooter was a wheelchair, not a motor vehicle.

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