Criminal Defense Blog Archives for January, 2012

Alleged Pot Brownies in Loudoun School Prompt Rumors of Mass Expulsion

January 31, 2012

A group of Farmwell Station Middle School students in Ashburn allegedly brought pot-laced brownies to school last week, prompting an ongoing investigation and a social media uproar. A notice to Sheriff’s office from the Loudoun County public schools about a possible narcotics violation spawned rumors spread through social media that as many as 20 students had… Read More »

Fairfax County Virginia’s Serial “Butt Slasher” Arrested in Peru

January 17, 2012

Last week it was the ball slasher, this week theres a butt slasher in the news. A man suspected of multiple assaults in Fairfax County has been arrested in Lima, Peru. According to local newspaper, Peru21, Johnny D. Guillen Pimental was picked up on Friday at a Lima, Peru shopping mall. Since late last year, Pimental… Read More »

The Duluth “Ball Slasher” Takes the Cake, This is a Weird One

January 12, 2012

Duluth, Minnesota’s Christopher Neil Bjerkness has a curious predilection. He breaks into fitness center and slashes open their excursive balls. Bjerkness has several convictions for crimes following this same pattern, which is apparently the reflection of some sort of  sexual fetish. He was most recently sentenced just this past week on a 3rd degree burglar… Read More »

Toddler Turns in Dad on Probation Violation

January 10, 2012

Valdet Gjeloshi was wanted by police for probation violations on a battery charge.  When the came to his home, the officers received some unexpected help with their collar from Gjeloshi’s two-year old son. Police were in the midst of questioning, Megan Merschen, the mother of the boy, who insisted that Gjeloshi was not in the house… Read More »

Woman sues Chicago Police Officer that issues ticket and then tries to get a date

January 6, 2012

A police officer issued a $132 speeding ticket and allegedly turned it into a chance to hook up, when he later used her information to track down the female driver to ask her out.  The ticketed lady’s lawsuit in Chicago Federal court alleges that he said that the least he could do was to treat her to dinner. Evagelina Paredes  filed the civil lawsuit  in… Read More »