Virginia DUI Suspect, Sandra Hofstadler, Involved in an Accident Injuring Father and Three Children

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Unfortunately another repeat offender has tragically hurt others.  Irresponsible actions such as hers increase pressure upon judges to punish those charged with a first offense DUI in Fairfax and Loudoun County.  Furthermore, the Virginia General Assembly may use this as impetus to pass legislation requiring ignition interlock for first time offenders for drunk driving in [...]

Mel Gibson DUI Arrest Video is Disputed Evidence in Workplace Discrimination Lawsuit

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Mel Gibson's 2006 DUI might be behind him but the reportedly rowdy and profane, not to mention racial epithet-laden, video taken that night is still haunting the Hollywood Star.  L.A. County Sheriff's Deputy James Mee has requested the release of the video in conjunction with a religious discrimination lawsuit he has filed agains [...]

Alexandria Crash Kills 8 Year Old, Driver Heads to Court on DUI, Reckless Driving and Manslaughter Charges

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Brian Hernandez-Chavez and his mother were walking along Duke Street near I-395 over the weekend when 22 year old Victor Aldana is swerved off the road and struck the pair of pedestrians, according to police. Brian, only eight years old, was killed instantly. His mother was taken to the hospital with two broken legs, among [...]

DUI Suspect Takes to the Waves to Avoid Arrest

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Yesterday it was a DUI victim's dog that was found swimming off the coast of Florida in the gulf of Mexico.  Today the tables (and the coasts) are turned - it is the DUI suspect who sought an escape by sea from the scene of an accident. An as-yet unidentified 28 year old [...]

Too Intoxicated To Get Out of Your Car? Call Onstar!

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Gary Kietlinski made himself famous recently when he used his OnStar vehicle service to report that he was too drunk to drive - to drunk, in fact, to even open his own car door. The call to OnStar resulted in DWI charged being filed against Kielinski but his attorney suggests that the drunk driving allegation is [...]