Alleged Pot Brownies in Loudoun School Prompt Rumors of Mass Expulsion

A group of Farmwell Station Middle School students in Ashburn allegedly brought pot-laced brownies to school last week, prompting an ongoing investigation and a social media uproar.

A notice to Sheriff’s office from the Loudoun County public schools about a possible narcotics violation spawned rumors spread through social media that as many as 20 students had been expelled.

Via an automated telephone message from Farmwell Station Principal, Sherryl Loya denied that any instant punishments had been handed out.  Loya’s message described a pending investigation and cautioned parents about spreading misinformation.

Wayde Byard, a Loudoun school spokesperson, later told the Washington Post that some form of discipline for the involved students is likely but that expulsion was a “worst case scenario.”

Ironically, it was the 8th graders’ own comments on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook that got them caught. Those statements are now evidence that can potentially be used against them as their condict is investigated.

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