Virginia DUI Suspect, Sandra Hofstadler, Involved in an Accident Injuring Father and Three Children

Unfortunately another repeat offender has tragically hurt others.  Irresponsible actions such as hers increase pressure upon judges to punish those charged with a first offense DUI in Fairfax and Loudoun County.  Furthermore, the Virginia General Assembly may use this as impetus to pass legislation requiring ignition interlock for first time offenders for drunk driving in Fairfax County and throughout Virginia.

Last Friday Sandra Hofstadler was arraigned on assault, DUI and reckless driving charges stemming from a Thursday morning accident in Virginia Beach. That morning, Hofstadler opted to try and pass a school bus that was in the midst of loading children at the corner of Chester and Paladin.

Rounding the bus Hofstadler drove up on to the lawn of an adjacent house, hitting a father and three children who had been standing in a driveway. Two of the injured were Yancy’s son and daughter, the other, his niece. The young boy was the worst injured and remains in critical condition.

Hofstadler reportedly failed a sobriety test after the accident. Witnesses at the scene described her as mumbling, stumbling and not in her right mind.

That Hofstedler was free in the first place has shed controversy upon the Virginia Beach judicial system.  Hofstadler has a previous DUI conviction from 2003 and had her license suspended for a year at that time, excepting trips to and from work or rehab.  In addition to her previous DUI charge she has been to Virginia courts for charges such as a probation violation, credit card fraud, theft and forgery.

Hofstedler served only six months of  active jail time before begin released on parole after attending drug treatment classes.Hofstadler’s mother told local news reporters that her daughter has had a long history of substance abuse issues. Hofstadler is expected back in court on Monday, January 23rd.

In an ironic twist, Hofstadler had been interviewed about safe driving just before the new year buy a local news station…

The Gordon Law Firm hopes her victims have a speedy recovery.

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