The Duluth “Ball Slasher” Takes the Cake, This is a Weird One

Duluth, Minnesota’s Christopher Neil Bjerkness has a curious predilection. He breaks into fitness center and slashes open their excursive balls. Bjerkness has several convictions for crimes following this same pattern, which is apparently the reflection of some sort of  sexual fetish. He was most recently sentenced just this past week on a 3rd degree burglar charge, to which he had plead guilty.

In a series of petty crimes that date back to 2004, at least half a hundred excersise balls have met their sorid end due to Bjerkness’s  apparent obsession. And those are just ones we know about.

The court issued a suspended sentence of 27 months in jail. Bjerkness will spend the next four years on probation and will also enter a group home for the psychological treatment. Bjerkness had been on probation previously and as recently as July of 2010 had skipped out on a stint a half-way house. He had another run in with the law last summer when he was found, prepared to puncture, in the play therapy room of a local school.
Here’s hoping that his latest brush with the court system enables Bjerkness to get the help he so clearly needs. As criminal defense attorneys, that’s exactly the role we’re here to play – to help our clients reach the best possible resolutions when they encounter law enforcement, under whatever circumstances that might be.

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