DUI Suspect Takes to the Waves to Avoid Arrest

US 'drunk driver' swims off to escape arrest, friend gives his details anyway

US 'drunk driver' swims off to escape arrest, friend gives his details anyway

Yesterday it was a DUI victim’s dog that was found swimming off the coast of Florida in the gulf of Mexico.  Today the tables (and the coasts) are turned – it is the DUI suspect who sought an escape by sea from the scene of an accident.

An as-yet unidentified 28 year old man was pulled over by police just north of San Diego.  Suspected of deriving under the influence, the man fled from his vehicle before he could be questioned.  He hit the beach and dove into the ocean in an effort to evade police.

In doing so he left one important detail behind: a passenger.

The abandoned companion promptly shared the driver’s identity with police. Within a few hours the man had, via family, announced his intention to surrender to the authorities but not before an extensive search by lifeguards and police helicopters had already been initiatied.

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