Toddler Turns in Dad on Probation Violation


Valdet Gjeloshi, Pinellas County Sheriff's Office

Valdet Gjeloshi was wanted by police for probation violations on a battery charge.  When the came to his home, the officers received some unexpected help with their collar from Gjeloshi’s two-year old son.

Police were in the midst of questioning, Megan Merschen, the mother of the boy, who insisted that Gjeloshi was not in the house when her son innocently offered that his daddy was up in the attic.

The police located Gjeloshi and arrested in him on charges relating to his probation violation as well as resisting arrest.  For her attempts to hide hime, Merschen is also facing an obstruction charge.

Prior to the criminal conviction for which he was serving probation, Gjeloshi also had a previous arrest for drinking and driving.

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