DUI Hit and Run Leaves Victim’s Dog Adrift in the Gulf of Mexico

A Florida man was out for a leisurely fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico, near Siesta Key when a very unusual thing happened.  A small brown dog paddled up to the side of his one-man kayak. The dog was clearly injured, so the man pulled him aboard and headed for shore.  He also happened to catch the whole odd experience on video:

Upon returning to shore, the story gets more bizarre and more tragic.  The dog had apparently been injured in a hit and run accident that killed its owner, Siesta Key resident Donna Chen. She had been out walking with the dog when she was hit.  It is speculated that the terrified dog simply ran until it reached water and then started swimming, not realizing how big the body of water was.

A 22 year-old man named Blake Talman has been arrested in connection with the hit and run accident that claimed Chen’s life and sent her dog headlong into the Gulf of Mexico.  Talman was apparently on the run from the scene of another accident when he lost control of his car, hitting Chen in the process.

Talman was taken to the hospital for treatment and promptly booked for DUI manslaughter along with charges for property damage and leaving the scene of an accident.

Thanks to one fisherman who was in the right spot at the right time, at least Donna Chen’s dog, named Barney, made it home.  A small conciliation for her grieving family but I’d guess not an insignificant one.

This story and I have a personal connection. It just so happens that scenic Siesta Key, Florida is my old stomping grounds. I began practicing law in that area and served as a Florida, Assistant County Attorney. I have maintained my license to practice law in Florida (as well as in the state of Georgia, where I attended law school) in addition to my practice in my current home, Virginia.

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