This Just In: You Can Be Charged for DWI While Driving a Forklift

Timothy Raines - Forklift DUI Suspect

Timothy Raines -- Photo via CBS Dallas

In what must have been the slowest police chance ever, in early December Fort Worth law enforcement apprehended 44 year-old Timothy Raines.

According to the Star Telegram, Raines, accompanied by his faithful dog and a six pack of beer, hijacked a forklift from a local Holiday Inn hotel construction site and took it on a joy ride down Interstate 30.

Police gave chase  in a hot pursuit that never made it over 16 miles per hour, during which Raines chugged brews and hurled beer cans at oncoming traffic and nearly missed colliding with several vehicles .

Raines had been arrested multiple times since 2004 on a variety of charges, to which he can now add a very unique DWI arrest.  Of which there is video:

Police Chase Shirtless Man on Forklift:

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