Too Intoxicated To Get Out of Your Car? Call Onstar!

Gary Kietlinski made himself famous recently when he used his OnStar vehicle service to report that he was too drunk to drive – to drunk, in fact, to even open his own car door.

The call to OnStar resulted in DWI charged being filed against Kielinski but his attorney suggests that the drunk driving allegation is false because Kielinski had not, in fact, driven his GMC pick-up at the time of his arrest.

According to Kielinski, a friend had been driving him home but due to an argument, he’d been left by the side of the road. The friend was picked up by another individual and driven home, leaving Kielinski without his designated driver.

This story was apparently news to the arresting authorities. Police explained that they booked Kielinkski for DWI based on a presumption of him having driven the vehicle (and having been found in the drivers seat of his truck).

“This is the first I’ve heard of it,”said  Police Chief George Bell, “He didn’t tell us that. He should have thought about that that night.”

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