Driver Charged With Reckless Driving, Head-On Collision Kills Father of Three

James Edward Dibble of Alexandria was charged with reckless driving last month in connection with a head-on collision that occurred near Sudley Road on Lee Highway in Prince William County, Virginia.

Dibble reportedly crossed the center line into oncoming traffic while driving a dump truck for trucking company GDC, Inc. He struck the rear of a pick-up truck, overcorrected, and swerving back and forth and ultimately collided head-on with an SUV.

The driver of that vehicle, Daniel S. Tulk of South Riding was pronounced dead at the scene. released comments from friends of Tulk, reacting to news of the accident,

“‘Dan Tulk was an artist and a stay-home-dad, taking care of his three young daughters, ages 3, 5, and 7,’ said neighbor and friend Clara O’Brien.  ‘He was amazing.  He was sunshine.  This has left a hole in the community,’ said O’Brien.”

James Dibble was released on bond over the objections of  Commonwealth’s Attorney Paul Ebert, who is appealing the decision. Dibble’s court date has been set for February 2.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is also investigating GDC, Inc.’s compliance with federal safety standards.

According to, GDC owner, Gerald Cooper characterized Dibble as a good driver and stated that “everybody here feels horrible about what happened.  We feel so sad for the family.”

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