Burke Man Faces Reckless Driving Charges After I-95 Accident Involving Two Police Cruisers

“A 70-year-old Burke man faces reckless driving charges after smashing his car into two Virginia State Police cruisers Saturday afternoon along Interstate 95 near Dale City.”

State Trooper, B.J. Norris had stopped along Interstate 95 near Dale City, Virginia in Prince William County to assist a family that had been in an accident, when he became an accident victim himself.

As Norris was stepping out of his vehicle, a 2004 Lexus driven by Robert Korinchak of Virginia collided with Norris’s police cruiser after sideswiping a second patrol car at the scene.

The impact propelled Norris’s police cruiser twenty feet, into the Hyundai being driven by the family Trooper Norris had been attempting to assist. Two children were present in the family’s car at the time.

Neither they children nor Trooper Norris were seriously injured in the collision, although Norris’s leg was caught in the police cruiser’s door by the force of the impact. The driver of the Lexus, Mr. Korinchak was likewise uninjured.

Mr. Korinchack was charged with reckless driving for his role in the accident. What caused Korinchack’s vehicle to veer out of control remains under investigation.

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