Alcoholics Go To Meetings – Unfortunate Wardrobe Choice for a DUI Arrest


“DUI suspect Kevin Daly (23) crashed his car into a police patrol vehicle on Long Island, NY, while wearing a graphic t-shirt which read ‘I’m not an alcoholic, I’m a drunk. Alcoholics go to meetings.'”

Apparently quite chatty with officers at the scene, Daly confided to Officer Armand Reyes (whose police cruiser he’d just plowed into) that he, “had two beers, the big ones” and saying, “I deserve whatever I get. I was drinking and driving.”

Daly, who has 13 prior arrests and seven convictions, apparently turned his t-shirt inside out for his arraignment:

Kevin Daly's Ironic DUI Arrest T-Shirt

(Photo via - This Week in Weird Crime)

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