Fairfax County Worst in Virginia for DUI Deaths But Long Term Trend Shows Fewer Fatalities Statewide

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The Fairfax News recently highlighted DUI-related death data released the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles showing that, over the last five years, Fairfax County has led the state in the number of drunk driving deaths. DUI Death Statistics From 2006 to 2010, there were 936 deaths in Virginia attributed to drinking and driving, 37% of [...]

How Not to Handle Your DUI Arrest

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This off-duty officer let her emotions the better of her during her recent DUI arrest: Video logs belligerent cop's DWI arrest: krqe.com As it happens, the officer was already on a paid suspension on alcohol-related charges. Should you find yourself in similar circumstances, follow your mom's advice, "If you can't say something nice, don't say [...]

MADD encourages Virginia DUI charges to have severe punishments

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Advocacy group,  Mothers Against Drunk Driving named Virginia as one of many states taking strong steps to prevent drunk driving in the organization's recent Five Year Anniversary Report on the elimination of drunk driving nationwide. MADD has done some good things to prevent teen drinking and driving.  However, these awards encourage Virginia legislators to make [...]

DUI and Reckless Driving charges increase over Thanksgiving weekend

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After the Thanksgiving weekend in 2010, the number of people who died on the state's roads during the Thanksgiving holiday decreased sharply while DUI arrests increased.  Nine people died in 922 crashes from early Wednesday through midnight Sunday in 2010, down from 16 deaths in 2009, according to Virginia State Police.  At least one of [...]

Prince William DUI arrest leads to charges of counterfeiting by Secret Service

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In Prince William County, Virginia, a DUI arrest turned into a counterfeit currency bust when police discovered that the two men being arrested for DUI in Prince William County had three odd-looking $100 bills in their possession. According to the Washington Post, police nabbed the two men on what they thought was a routine suspicion of [...]