MADD encourages Virginia DUI charges to have severe punishments

Advocacy group,  Mothers Against Drunk Driving named Virginia as one of many states taking strong steps to prevent drunk driving in the organization’s recent Five Year Anniversary Report on the elimination of drunk driving nationwide.

MADD has done some good things to prevent teen drinking and driving.  However, these awards encourage Virginia legislators to make DUI punishments more severe and to try to eliminate or restrict due process rights of drivers.  If you have been accused of DUI, DWI, or drunk driving in Fairfax, Prince William, or Loudoun County, please contact us for a free consultation with one of our DUI lawyers at 703.218.8416.

M.A.D.D. gave Virginia a four out of five star DUI prevention rating based on an evaluation of state-by-state anti-drunk driving efforts that included:

  • Conducting Sobriety Checkpoints – Serving as a general deterrent to driving while intoxicated.
  • Increasing Penalties for DUI Child Endangerment -Entailing stiffer penalties like making drunk driving a felony when children are present in the vehicle.
  • Use of Administrative License Revocation – This allows officers to confiscate a driver’s license at the time of an alleged DUI offense.
  • Participating in “No refusal” Weekends – In which drivers are not allowed to decline blood alcohol content tests at the time of a suspected DUI offense.
  • Requiring Ignition Interlocks for All DUI Offenders – Offenders must submit to a built-in breathalyzer to start their vehicle.

States aggressively implementing all of these drunk driving prevention measures received five star ratings from the advocacy group.

Virginia fell short of the full five star rating because currently the commonwealth requires only limited use of vehicle interlock systems for DUI offenders.  Legislation to expand Virginia’s use of such systems has been proposed in the VA House of Delegates for four years running, but has not yet been passed into law.  M.A.D.D.’s northern Virginia chapter offers details on the current Virginia DUI vehicle interlock requirements for download on their website.

For further information on the M.A.D.D. Five Year Report, check out their interactive map with ratings information for every state:

M.A.D.D. Five Year Report - Interactive Map

Click to Visit the M.A.D.D. Interactive Map

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