DUI and Reckless Driving charges increase over Thanksgiving weekend

After the Thanksgiving weekend in 2010, the number of people who died on the state’s roads during the Thanksgiving holiday decreased sharply while DUI arrests increased.  Nine people died in 922 crashes from early Wednesday through midnight Sunday in 2010, down from 16 deaths in 2009, according to Virginia State Police.  At least one of the weekend’s fatal crashes involved alcohol. Troopers charged 175 with driving under the influence of alcohol, up from 132 in 2009.

The Virginia State Police superintendent said drivers were warned ahead of the 2010 weekend that the agency would have 75 percent of its uniformed personnel looking for impaired drivers.

“The fact that 175 people were still willing to risk killing themselves and others on Virginia’s highways is more than disturbing – it’s completely unacceptable,” State Police Superintendent Flaherty said. “Virginians must take proactive and responsible action this holiday season to not let themselves, their family, their co-workers or their friends drink and drive.”

Troopers in 2010 wrote 10,116 speeding tickets and cited 2,780 with reckless driving. More than 830 got tickets for failing to buckle their seat belts and 253 were cited for failing to properly restrain children. 

This article is a summarization of one written by Cindy Clayton on December 1, 2010 for the Virginian Pilot.

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